Cher Griffin


Crime/Mystery novels for horse lovers!

About the Author: Cher Griffin

I was Born in 1956 in Nashua, NH. I live in sunny South Carolina! I have a wonderful family that has moved here as well. My son, Cody Griffin and his wife Michelle along with my two grandbabies, Karliah and Kenway, are right nearby.

I began riding when I was 6. A trail ride at a local hack stable that turned ugly when the horse I was being led on broke free and galloped back to the barn with me whooping it up the whole way. I was hooked. Horses were in my blood, much to my mother’s dismay, and at 12 my father surprised me with my own horse. I joined the local 4-H club and became a complete and total horse nut.

Following my stint as a 4-H member I became a 4-H leader and that has continued for 40+ years. I was an NEHC rated A horse show judge, trainer and instructor and have made it my life’s passion to be completely absorbed in the horse industry. I currently own and operate a fun, mobile tack shop and have a wonderful web site for everything else horsey!!

I’ve written many how-to articles and have been published in numerous papers and magazines across the country. I wrote several kids stories and they too have been published nationally as well as in Canada. The transition from kid’s books to adult crime novels was easy. Horses are still my main focus but reading crime novels was something I began at an early age, sneaking my mother’s books when she was done with them. So, when I started writing the first book, crime and horses were an easy mix. I am a regular contributor to in my Life in the Rearview Mirror series.

Ritzforg 127 is my first crime novel and the second in the series is Captain Courageous, and Gwenonwyn of Aileen, book three is available. Book 4 in the series, Big Mikey, will hit the stands in April 2020.